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Genuine Dermaroller

As we age, we all have bugbears that affect our confidence, and often these include fine lines around the eyes, a dull complexion, and sometimes even acne scars and stretch marks. These imperfections tend to happen because as you get older your skin’s processes become less effective, which is when it begins to show visible signs of ageing. Your skin produces less elastin and collagen, which is what keeps it smooth and firm.

At the Face Medical Clinic in Heywood, Manchester, we want to able to treat these skin complaints safely and effectively, with minimal discomfort and downtime, and ensuring that results are desirable without looking unnatural. With our professional skin-needling treatments, including Dermaroller, this is all possible.

Treatment with Genuine Dermaroller™ provides the highest, most advanced standards of micro-medical skin-needling, which stimulates the skin to repair and regenerate itself in the most natural way. With this non-invasive procedure, we can achieve smoother, more radiant and healthier skin whilst ensuring the highest levels of patient safety at all times.

Our needle treatment with Dermaroller™ stimulates natural responses within your skin that over time help to regenerate it, leaving you with natural, long-lasting and outstanding results for:

  • Photo-damaged and ageing skin
  • Facial and decollete lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • The causes of ageing skin


If you suffer with any of the skin bugbears above, then professional micro-needling could be the perfect treatment for you, but at Face Medical, we will always ask you to come in for an initial consultation and skin analysis before advising any course of treatment. This initial consultation is complimentary, and will be with our Founder and highly experienced Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Deborah Vines or our skin aesthetician Sarah Heil. The results from the skin analysis will allow us to create and tailor a bespoke treatment plan, suited entirely to your individual needs and expectations.


GD Regeneration uses high-quality sterile needles. Just before your treatment, your skin will be numbed with topical anaesthetic, to ensure that you’ll remain comfortable throughout. The treatment itself will take around 20 minutes, depending on the area of skin that’s being treated. Your entire appointment is not likely to be over one hour, which is not a lot of time at all when you think of the results that you will see! We recommend that our patients undergo a treatment course of three sessions, fouir weeks apart for best results.


We will always provide you with in-depth aftercare advice post any treatment at Face Medical Clinic. In reference to skin-needling treatment with Genuine Dermaroller, it is likely that your skin will remain red, looking like moderate sunburn, for up to 36 hours after the procedure. Deborah Vines and our clinical team recommend applying Control Tactics™, as soothing and calming gel, until the redness subsides. This gel is available in clinic.

For the best micro-needling treatment in the Greater Manchester, call the Face Medical Clinic team today on 01706 691683. Alternatively, book online now using our enquiry form.

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How many weeks will I need between each Dermaroller treatment?

At Face Medical, we recommend that patients leave 4 weeks between each session.

How many sessions will I need?

Desired results can usually be achieved within three treatment sessions, but everyone is different, and in some cases up to five treatments with Dermaroller microneedling will be required to achieve optimum results.

What will my skin look like after microneedling?

In most cases, your skin will look like you have mild sunburn. This is quite normal, as we want your blood supply to regenerate new collagen in your skin.
This redness usually subsides after just a few hours and will be almost gone by the next day. Over the course of a few days, you may start to see some micro crusting, but don’t worry – this is quite normal too. If at any time you are concerned with your redness or crusting, our team will always be on hand to help, so just give us a call and we will get you in to see your practitioner at the next available appointment.

Will I need any aftercare treatment?

Yes, we will give you careful and detailed aftercare instructions to follow, and also give you a Heliocare SPF 50 to apply once the healing process has finished.